Internet of Things (IoT)

For Mobile Operators

With the advent of machine-to-machine networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), many multinational enterprises are seeking to deploy services across countries in a seamless, efficient manner.

As part of the Bridge Alliance, a member operator can be a vital cog of the project by providing the necessary local access to mobile networks, subscriptions and services that are needed for such deployments.




Operators know their market inside-out, but often have to rely on regional alliances and partnerships when it comes to working with large enterprises that cross borders and operate in multiple geographies.

This applies to enterprises seeking to accelerate M2M/IoT deployments, say, tracking devices in goods vehicles across a few countries. A single operator would have to develop separate, individual partnerships with operators around the world to address the needs of the customer.


Joining Bridge Alliance, an operator will become part of a leading alliance of operators in Asia-Pacific, newly empowered by a collective depth of experience and unrivalled reach across the region to connect customers better.

Bridge Alliance is the first in Asia-Pacific to address the challenges of M2M and IoT by offering unified integration. We deliver a similar service across member operators in multiple countries, reducing complexity. A single global SIM card, with harmonised service levels and business processes, helps keep ownership costs low while maximising quality of service.

Bridge Alliance members are market leaders and offer multinational enterprises the largest geographical footprint and 4G coverage in Asia, according to Analysys Mason in October 2016.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

As a member operator of Bridge Alliance, an operator will be able to tap on the vast experience of other fellow members in deploying M2M and IoT services. It bypasses several trial stages by sidestepping the issues that many before may have studied.

By being part of a system that offers a centralised management of such networks, an operator also participates in much larger projects that only an alliance of premier operators can provide satisfactorily to a multinational enterprise.

Research firm Ovum pointed to our strong mobile alliance across the region, adding that Bridge Alliance should be “seriously considered by enterprises and governments for cross-border deployments within the Asia-Pacific region”.

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