Battle for Asia’s 1st World Cyber Games Mobile champs

SingTel and Bridge Mobile Alliance launch first regional mobile gaming competition

14 September 2005 - Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) and seven other leading mobile operators today announced they are launching the region’s first competition for mobile gamers.

The World Cyber Games (WCG) Mobile Championship - Asia will pit mobile gamers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan against one another.

SingTel has secured the exclusive rights to promote and host the World Cyber Games (WCG) Mobile Championship from 2005 - 2007 in selected Asian countries, from leading mobile entertainment developer and publisher, Indiagames Ltd. It will be the first time that a mobile gaming component is incorporated into the World Cyber Games, the Internet gaming world’s equivalent of the Olympics.

The Asian finals of WCG Mobile Championship will be organised by SingTel in conjunction with its partners from Bridge Mobile Alliance - Airtel (India), CSL (Hong Kong), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), Optus (Australia), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia). Together, the operators have almost 70 million mobile subscribers

Mr Thomas Yeo, SingTel’s Vice President (Consumer Marketing), said: "We are meeting the needs of an avid and growing pool of mobile gamers by bringing the whole playing experience to a new level.

Instead of just competing against players in their own country, they can now challenge the best in the region and the world. Beyond the exhilaration and thrill of gaming for the players, we hope to give them a platform to be recognised internationally."

Mr Yeo added: "Together with our Bridge Mobile Alliance partners, SingTel is pleased to bring this competition to the region and to put Asia in the Olympics of cyber games."

The WCG Mobile Championship will be hosted on the SingTel’s Games Xtreme League (GXL) Mobile platform. This is a regional mobile games platform with features such as registration, community news and ranking of scores, provided exclusively to the SingTel Group and extended to Bridge Mobile Alliance members. It is facilitated by Bridge Mobile’s regional infrastructure, enabling IP connectivity between member operators as well as regional billing settlement capabilities.

Dr Patrick Sim, Bridge Mobile’s Chief Executive Officer, said: "Bridge Mobile is proud to partner with SingTel and our other operator members in pioneering the first regional mobile gaming championship in Asia Pacific. This will set the foundation and platform for the creation and rollout of other Bridge Mobile regional mobile gaming services in the future."

Each of the eight operators will first hold a national round of the championship. For SingTel Mobile, Airtel and Maxis customers, the competition starts on September 2005.

Mobile gamers will compete on four official mobile games - ’Bruce Lee’, ’Chopper Rescue’, ’Goolie’ and ’Midtown Madness 3 Mobile’ (please see attached for more details).

Every country will have a national winner for each mobile game. Winners are chosen based on the highest scores achieved by 31 October 2005. The winners will represent their respective countries to compete in the WCG Mobile Championship - Asia finals.

Held exclusively for customers of the eight mobile operators of Bridge Mobile Alliance, the WCG Mobile Championship - Asia finals will feature cash prizes totalling US$12,000¹.

Mobile gamers who qualify for the Asia finals will also automatically qualify for the WCG Mobile Championship (Grand Finals) where prizes of up to US$12,000 await the winners. The Grand Finals will pit the best mobile gamers from Asia, Europe and the US against one another.

The Asia and Grand Finals will be held concurrently in Suntec City, Singapore from 16 - 20 November 2005.

Besides the WCG Mobile Championship, SingTel is the official Internet Service Provider, telecommunications company and Internet Data Centre of the World Cyber Games.

¹ US$3,000 per winner per game.

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About Bridge Mobile Alliance

Established in November 2004, Bridge Mobile Alliance is Asia Pacific’s largest mobile alliance group. The alliance is a current partnership of eight leading mobile operators in Asia Pacific, namely, Airtel (India), CSL (Hong Kong), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel Mobile (Singapore), Optus (Australia), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia). Bridge Mobile Alliance operates through a Singapore-incorporated joint venture company, Bridge Mobile Pte Ltd.

Bridge Mobile Alliance offers significant commercial benefits and economies of scale to alliance members. Through close collaboration, alliance members can leverage on collective capabilities and best practices to develop relevant, cutting-edge mobile technologies for the Asia Pacific market.

Bridge Mobile Alliance will invest up to US$40 million over the next three years to build and establish a shared regional mobile infrastructure, and to deliver a wider suite of regional mobile services. More importantly, Bridge Mobile Alliance is focused on creating a consistent delivery of mobile services across the region, thereby offering customers a seamless experience beyond borders.

About Games Xtreme League (GXL)

Games Xtreme League ( is a league to build and consolidate interest in gaming across multiple platforms, such as personal computers, consoles and mobile phones. This is done through gaming competitions and events to promote and give exposure to the best players and gamers.

It provides automated competition scheduling, scoring capabilities, forums and profiling features to enhance the gaming experience. GXL also offers professional rankings of scores for regular gamers. Since the league was launched in September 2004, it has attracted over to 10,000 gamers to the portal.

In July this year, GXL became available on a mobile platform allowing mobile gamers on the move to compete in tournaments anywhere.

About the World Cyber Games (WCG)

The World Cyber Games is a global game cultural festival to promote global harmony through cyber games. The event started in 2000, and has been running annually ever since. With the slogan ’Beyond the Game’, the World Cyber Games has truly developed into a global game phenomenon with arguably the largest prize amount at stake. The World Cyber Games prides itself on leading the ’Digital Entertainment Culture’. The 2005 Games in Singapore will be held in mid-November.

About Indiagames Ltd

Indiagames Ltd. ( is one of the world’s leading global mobile content publishers. It is engaged in publishing and developing games across various platforms like Internet, PC, broadband, mobile phones, PDAs, handheld gaming devices and consoles.

Its products are published across leading platforms like JavaTM, BREWTM, I-ModeTM, Flash LiteTM and SymbianTM.

Indiagames’ key investors include TOM Online Inc. (NASDAQ: TOMO; HK GEM stock code: 8282), which is a leading wireless Internet company in China providing value-added multimedia products and services.


World Cyber Games Mobile Championship ’ Official Games

Game   Description

Oolong assassins have murdered Bruce Lee’s master - on the orders of their leader, Fei Won. Won and the Master were once best friends and top students at their school. However, Won took to a life of crime as head of the Oolong cartel. The Master, determined to stop his former friend, had been foiling major Oolong deals till Won sent his assassins after him.

Play as Bruce Lee as he seeks out Won to bring him to justice.


It is the onslaught of the Goolie - the spherical cute-looking things multiply rapidly and their numbers can get out of control. The only way to stop them is by clicking on the like-colored Goolies that are in clusters. But you have to click groups of three or more to be able to detonate them successfully! Larger groups earn you bonuses to increase your score.


Choppy the chopper is out on a flying spree. Steer him neatly through the rings in the sky and grab the micro power boosters to make him invincible. Watch out for various obstacles like the dark clouds, the bright sun, small planes in the sky and parachutes, which may damage Choppy though.


Midtown Madness 3 Mobile is a frenzied racing game with different game options.

As an ambulance driver, you must head out into the city of Paris to pick up sick persons and bring them back to the hospital at the edge of town. Along the way, you can pick up bonuses by running over newspaper stands and other destructible objects. The deliveries missions have you darting all over the city to make timed drops.

The player can choose two race modes: Checkpoint and Blitz. Checkpoint races lead you across the city where you must cross a series of flagged points. With Blitz, instead of hitting the checkpoints in order, you can pursue them in any order.