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Our managed services solution enables enterprises to procure, manage, operate and optimise mobile services with simplicity and transparency. We work with our member operators to provide an unrivalled seamless and unified experience to the enterprises via our one-stop shop capabilities. 




Multinational companies seeking enterprise mobility procurement across regional markets face many challenges including the following: 

  • Complexity in managing different contracts across multiple countries with differing regulations 
  • Language barriers and cultural differences while communicating with contacts across countries 
  • No key local personnel for contract management 
  • Lack of business insights and analysis across a region they are unfamiliar with 
  • Lack of control and visibility over regional ordering and procurement
  • No centralised incident management 


With the best premier member operators in the region under our fold, Bridge Alliance enables MNCS to undertake procurement more efficiently by leveraging on the enterprise mobility solutions that we and our members provide. We offer the following benefits:

  • Single point of contact to work with BMOs across our footprint.
  • Centralised cost and workflow management across regions.
  • Access to top mobile operators in Asia.
  • Unified incident monitoring and escalation.

Our Services

  • One-stop shop service management and advisory

    We centrally manage each project and procurement requirements as a single point of contact and coordinate on behalf of our member operators. 

  • Telecom Spend Management

    • We provide a cloud-based secure portal which provides a single, consolidated view of the organisation’s spend and usage across the regions with various reporting tools.  
    • We make it easier for customers to understand and compare their regional mobile bills by normalising and organising the disparate charges information into common billing terminologies.  
  • Central ordering portal

    Our secure cloud portal streamlineprocurement processes, enabling centralised device procurement and featuring corporate mobile plans offered by our various member operators in a single portal. You will be able to track regional orders in a ‘single pane of glass’. 

  • Bridge Incident Management System

    BIMS is a centralised portal where the enterprise users can log in to track filed incidents and update response status throughout your local offices. It serves as a single dashboard to view the status of all incident reports and escalation. 

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Bridge Alliance is one of the best-positioned operator groups to provide enterprise mobility services to corporations in Asia Pacific for 2016 and 2017, according to independent research and advisory firm Analysys Mason.

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