Internet of Things (IoT)

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Enterprises seeking to deploy connected products in Asia face challenges with the region’s diverse markets and regulations. Bridge Alliance’s managed IoT solution provides a unified managed service, enabling enterprises to procure, manage, operate and optimise their IoT connectivity while leveraging on strong local support from our member operators.    




Enterprises deploying IoT services in multiple markets across a region often have to seek out multiple operators and vendors such as connectivity, connected devices or sensor providers.  

There are also many operational factors for enterprises to consider: 

  • Inefficiency and high implementation costs when working with multiple in-country telcos and different connectivity platforms, via a market-by-market entry approach 
  • Complex regulatory, security and certification requirements across diverse APAC markets 
  • Local contracting and billing entity a requirement in some cases 


Bridge Alliance’s managed IoT solution is an integrated multi-market IoT connectivity life cycle management solution providing ‘one-stop shop’ capabilities to enterprises to engage, source, deploy and support IoT solution across markets. Through our strategic partnership with Ericsson, Bridge Alliance member operators are onboarded to Ericsson’s award-winning global IoT Accelerator platform, a common cloud platform that deploys services seamlessly and efficiently through a single API and VPN.  

We provide the following: 

  • Harmonised, technical solution that is secure and multi-market 
  • Local knowledge and regulatory expertise with Bridge as a single contact point 
  • Centralised delivery and local support as we coordinate activities across all markets 
  • Simplified single contract and centralised billing via a lead operator model 

Elements of a Successful M2M Business

Secure network with device certification processes

Communications rich offering with value-added services

Solution based business model

Credible partnerships

Dedicated M2M Team & Infrastructure

M2M/IOT Capabilities

One Stop Shop (OSS) Capabilities

Project Management & Rollout

Multi-Domestic M2M/IOT Service

Device Verification

Service Management

Our Services

  • Unified regional architecture design, flexible local market adaptation

    • MNC customers can monitor and manage their multi-market IoT connectivity through a ‘single pane of glass’, ie a single portal. As they roll out their connected products in Asia, the need to use only one unique set of APIs, instead of individual markets’ mobile operator APIs, is a huge advantage and significantly reduces deployment time and effort.  
    • Our platform enables interoperability with industry embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) SIM providers.  


  • Lead operator contractual model with strong in-country operation and local support

    • Bridge Alliance provides a unique model where enterprises can enter into a contractual relationship with a lead operator without the need to navigate multiple contractual negotiations with individual in-country operators.
    • Through our inter-operator agreements, the lead operator will be the single billing party for the enterprise and project manages the delivery across our regional footprint, removing operational complexity for the enterprise customer. 
  • Local market expertise underpinned by strong multi-domestic mobile network coverage

    We provide enterprises with strong connectivity and mobile coverage in Asia-Pacific, leveraging on our Tier-1 member operators across Asia. Our combined local expertise and in-depth understanding of in-market regulatory requirements provides MNC customers with peace of mind in their multi-market product deployments.

  • Project Management & Rollout

    Enterprises gain control by seeing a common report spanning member operators. Central project management tools across the footprint enables quick deployment while central service reviews and harmonised support operations ensure the networks run smoothly.

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