Asia Pacific’s Largest Mobile Alliance Launches Suite of Regional Mobile Services

Asia Pacific’s Largest Mobile Alliance Launches Suite of Regional Mobile Services

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Over 64 million customers to enjoy seamless mobile experience when roaming overseas

Over 64 million mobile subscribers can enjoy seamless mobile experience when roaming overseas as Asia Pacific’s largest mobile alliance, Bridge Mobile Alliance, today announced the launch of a suite of regional mobile services – Bridge Roaming, Bridge Prepaid, Bridge Enterprise and Bridge Concierge – across eight countries and territories under the alliance members’ network.

Bridge Mobile Alliance was established in November 2004, comprising seven leading mobile operators: Airtel (India), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel Mobile (Singapore), SingTel Optus (Australia), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia). CSL (Hong Kong) is the latest operator who has joined the alliance in April 2005 as the eighth alliance member.

“The services launched today enable Bridge Mobile Alliance members to deliver a seamless cross-border mobile experience to 64 million subscribers across a highly diverse and fragmented region. Roamers can now enjoy greater convenience and consistency of mobile experience in terms of network connectivity and coverage, whenever they log on to the alliance member’s network’, said Dr Patrick Sim, Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Mobile Pte Ltd.

In providing subscribers a seamless roaming experience, Bridge Roaming replicates the familiarity of the subscribers’ home experience, allowing roaming subscribers easy access to the same short codes for calling customer service or accessing their voice mail as they do at home. In addition, connecting to GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for Internet surfing or MMS (Multimedia Messaging) will now be a hassle-free and consistent experience across all the alliance members’ networks.

With Bridge Prepaid, prepaid subscribers will be able to top-up their prepaid accounts overseas at designated Bridge Mobile Alliance members’ counters using local currency. So they can continue to use their prepaid accounts when roaming overseas without having to worry about insufficient credits in their prepaid accounts. They can even top-up the prepaid accounts on behalf of a friend or relative back in their home countries.

Subscribers can also enjoy the extended comfort of their home customer service support when they travel overseas through Bridge Concierge. This is a personalized customer service support at designated Bridge concierge counters to provide roamers with on-site assistance should they lose their mobile phones or require roaming support. This includes SIM card and handset replacement, special purchase promotions and free Call-Home Support to the home operator customer service lines at selected locations.

For enterprises with regional mobile needs, Bridge Enterprise provides a regional one-stop shop service with mobile voice, data and SMS packages.

“It is a milestone for the alliance and the operators to have successfully launched a suite of regional mobile services in eight countries simultaneously. It demonstrates the high level of cooperation and commitment by all the partners to ensure the success of the alliance. The roll-out of the services today brings us another step closer to the vision of a seamless mobile service experience across the Asia Pacific region for all our customers. We will be introducing even more new services in the months ahead,” said Mr Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of Bridge Mobile Alliance.

Bridge Mobile Alliance is focused in the Asia Pacific region, with the objective of spearheading regional collaboration amongst Asian mobile operators to introduce new technology and regional mobile services. Being in the largest and fastest growing region in global telecommunications, Bridge Mobile Alliance is well positioned to be the gateway to channel the demand for significant R&D efforts and investments, for the benefit of the alliance members and the growing subscriber base in Asia Pacific.