For Mobile Operators

Join the Leading Alliance of Mobile Network Operators

Bridge Alliance brings together many of the world’s top mobile network operators in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, along with our strategic alliance partners in Europe and the Americas. Collectively, we serve over a billion customers. With our extensive global footprint, MNCs will gain entry to best-in-class mobile networks, connectivity and mobility services in over 100 markets.

We continuously strive to help these MNCs reduce the complexity of negotiating, contracting and interfacing with each local operator in multi-market mobility and connectivity requirements. Each of our member operators can offer a dedicated service to ensure coordinated delivery of products and services for our customers. Together, Bridge Alliance members can leverage on our scale and scope and collaborate to help our customers negotiate cost savings and seize new market opportunities.

We conduct regular workshops for our member operators, where they share their best practices and experience to help each member fill in its knowledge gaps, improve product offerings and create new product roadmaps to drive customer experience and revenue.

To stay ahead of the curve, we proactively explore new innovative products and services which create value and generate new revenue streams for our members.

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