5G and Edge Computing

For Mobile Operators

By 2025, it is estimated that 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population, with 5G accounting for as many as 1.2 billion connections. 5G technology is driving a new era of ultra-high bandwidth and low latency connectivity, enabling a new universe of services for consumers and enterprises and accelerating their digital transformation in areas such as edge computing. 


Bridge Alliance helps our member operators to unlock the value of 5G  through a variety of consumer and enterprise use cases. We gather the collective wisdom of our members, aggregating their experience and learnings in 5G deployment through facilitating cross-sharing and pathfinding sessions. We match the right partners and solutions to bring new 5G possibilities to life, supporting the growth of a sustainable 5G ecosystem.  


On the edge computing front, Bridge Alliance has set up a Federated Edge Hub (FEH), that interconnects the multi-access edge computing (MEC) cloud platforms of our member operators across different markets, providing their enterprise customers and developers with unified access to edge compute resources. Through a proof-of-concept, we have validated our FEH platform for gaming use cases. We will continue with trials to interconnect FEH with other hubs, and are also seeking edge application partners to work with us.




For the consumer business, it is widely acknowledged in the industry that there is no single compelling ‘killer’ 5G application yet. Mobile operators need to work with an ecosystem of partners, so as to develop a compelling catalogue of 5G-enabled experiences for the consumer that cater to various interests and applications. 

Where it comes to the enterprise, 5G empowers companies to create new experiences in multiple industry verticals, ranging from manufacturing to transport and healthcare. However, it could be a long journey towards implementing 5G in a successful enterprise use case, as the process involves harmonising of a multi-faceted ecosystem of devices, partner solutions and platforms.  


Together with our member operators, we source, negotiate and select partners to work with our alliance through pilots and commercialisation. We hold regular sharing sessions, where we learn from our member’s 5G deployment experience, shorten our learning curves and discover potential opportunities for new partnerships and projects.  

  •  For consumer use cases, we look at developing areas like immersive entertainment, gaming, metaverse, education, health as part of a suite of 5G consumer experiences and at providing 5G connectivity to power major brands via brand partnerships. Partners include content providers, platform owners, hardware manufacturers.   
  • For enterprise use cases, we work with member operators to develop 5G and federated edge computing solutions for various B2B2X use cases in industry verticals such as smart manufacturing, built environment to harmonise multi-market deployment across the region. 

Benefits for Mobile Operators

Bridge Alliance member operators can look forward to the following benefits in their journey to 5G deployment: 

  • Ease of pathfinding, learning from members’ collective wisdom to navigate and assess a plethora of possible use cases, solutions and partners 
  • Economies of scale, gaining greater negotiating capacity to engage global brands in partnerships on favourable terms 
  • Extract practical learnings through cross-sharing from existing pilots and commercial deployments 

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