Group Sourcing

For Mobile Operators

Leveraging the scale and scope of our member operators, Bridge Alliance is perfectly positioned to lead group sourcing initiatives to drive cost efficiencies and generate synergistic value for them. 

We have established a procurement centre of excellence and deepened our competency in executing regional group sourcing initiatives over the years. This comprises of subject matter experts with a rich knowledge base of procurement best-practices, an expansive regional leadership network and excellent market intelligence capabilities.  




A mobile operator is looking to procure network equipment and services for its business needs in a sustainable and a cost-effective way. However, the operator is not able to get the best pricing and terms with its existing vendors, given its current requirements. 

The operator’s exposure to vendors may be limited to only those it has worked with in the past or the market where it is based. It is unable to find a satisfactory local supplier which can offer a suitable price and service level to meet its standards, and yet is unfamiliar with overseas vendors which could possibly fulfil its needs. 


Bridge Alliance maximises the cost benefits for member operators for common sourcing opportunities by providing scale and value through the following: 

  • Group sourcing as a unified process to achieve better price performance and long-term savings 
  • Expanded supplier pool connects you with vendors beyond the markets you are familiar with, while saving you time and effort in the hunt for new vendors 
  • Standardised process and best practices leading to higher quality responses from vendors 
  • Helping you gain new insights across our member operators’ procurement best practices, category expertise and aggregated knowledge 

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