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As a group, Bridge Alliance members work closely to transform the retail roaming experience for travellers, to drive higher adoption and revenue. Through innovative offerings and impactful agreements among members, members have been enjoying an upturn and winning over users with groundbreaking and attractive packages.




Mobile operators are missing out on a significant latent roaming market which is now partially addressed by alternatives. But with an apt pricing structure and market disruption, operators can attract users who will be encouraged to start roaming as they can continue with their regular usage habits at more attractive prices.


Joining Bridge Alliance, an operator will become part of a leading alliance of premier operators in Asia-Pacific, newly empowered by a collective depth of experience and unrivalled reach across the region to connect customers better.

Over the years, members have developed a framework to support constantly evolving retail offer designs from the alliance. Because of the close relationships of trust and mutual benefit within the alliance, operators are able to agree on key roaming enablers.

Already, Bridge Alliance members have had several firsts in the region. We pioneered unlimited data roaming packs during the nascent stages of data roaming to stimulate early adoption roaming usage and data penetration, while also championing products that became highly popular.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

We work with our member operators to deliver the best roaming experience and seamless connectivity anytime and anywhere for any device. Innovate your roaming services by leveraging the synergy and value of Bridge Alliance as well as effective cost management through agreements among members.

Best Connectivity in Asia

Working through Bridge Alliance, you will enjoy access to tier 1 mobile operators in Asia and be assured of the quality of roaming services to your mobile customers.  Your customers will not only enjoy a consistent roaming experience, but also the incredible coverage and quality of service that a premier mobile operator can offer.

Lead Market through Innovation

By joining Bridge Alliance, you will be part of the alliance’s footprint leveraging the pooled resources of all our members. Tapping on the collective knowledge, sharing of expertise and experience as well as in-depth understanding of each member operator’s customer segments, you will be able to create innovative roaming plans that will suit your most demanding customers.

At Bridge Alliance, we are always at the forefront of technology, testing and trialing new roaming services and solutions. Lead your respective market in roaming, tapping on our ecosystem of partners, and be the first to roll out state-of-the art roaming services ahead of your local competitors.

Synergy through Scale

Drawing on the scale of Bridge Alliance, you will achieve better cost management through the agreements among member operators as well as with global mobile operators.  A better cost structure means you can be a lot more creative in your pricing – differentiating your roaming service offerings from the rest of the pack.

A Bridge Beyond Asia

Bridge Alliance supports you as you seek to expand your footprint, by partnering with global operators and enhancing your reach through our international network of customers.

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