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Solutions for seamless international coverage and value added services.

Extensive Connectivity in Asia

Manage explosive data growth cost effectively and unlock hidden profit opportunities. Bundled solutions to reciprocate value to operators purchasing mobile data services.

Besides keeping end-users connected and Enterprises seeking to deploy regional IoT solutions, attractive pricing and consistent service level agreement cross-country are key issues we help solve.

Market Leadership with Intelligent Roaming

By joining Bridge Alliance, an operator’s network becomes a part of the alliance footprint comprised of the pooled resources of all members. 

The combined expertise of each operator not only allows a flawless sharing of technical resources but also enormous collective knowledge into the roaming market.

  • Member operators know their customers, their usage and which plans they are more inclined to choose.
  • From that knowledge, members can craft the most appealing mobile plans for the Alliance to offer to enterprises.
  • Multinational enterprises are much more likely to select Bridge Alliance plans due to our vast footprint on the region.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

Besides discerning the best practices to undertake a variety of projects, we share new ways to tackle the extensive needs multinational companies come to us with.

Through the extensive analysis of data from member operators, Bridge Alliance helps you create unique technical and commercial solutions supported by data insights that speed up opportunity identification and action.

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