Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS)

For Mobile Operators

Bridge Alliance provides a regional Communications Platform-As-A-Service (CPaaS) solution to our member operators who seek to monetise their telco infrastructure in new ways, amid the transformation and disruption of the digital landscape. 


CPaaS is a full cloud-based communications platform that enables our member operators to activate an array of real-time communications tools (spanning voice, SMS, messaging and video) for their business and enterprise segments, enabling them to deliver delightful customer experiences. 




In the face of competition from Over-The-Top service providers, mobile operators need to stay relevant and responsive to customers. In doing so, they could also find new business opportunities. How can they offer a satisfying customer experience, while also providing innovative solutions for their enterprise customers to keep pace with customer engagement?


CPaaS gives telcos the opportunity to restructure their traditional messaging services into innovative real-time communication tools that today’s customers demand. With CPaaS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for channels such as voice, SMS, and video, their enterprise customers can embed these easily into their customer apps and operation workflows. CPaaS connectors for popular messaging services such as Whatsapp, and third-party customer data platforms such as Zendesk, also enable telcos to be truly omnichannel providers for their business and enterprise customers. 

Benefits for Mobile Operators

Bridge Alliance welcomes member operators to come on board our CPaaS solution. They can enjoy benefits including the following:  

  • Increasing revenue from new innovative products such as communication APIs via CPaaS 
  • Maintaining relevance to customers by offering real-time communication services that elevate the customer experience 
  • Entrenching their reputation as a trusted digital transformation partner to customers 


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