Axalto, Gemplus, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and QUALCOMM are latest technology associate members to join the alliance

Axalto, Gemplus, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and QUALCOMM are latest technology associate members to join the alliance

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Axalto, Gemplus, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and QUALCOMM are latest technology associate members to join the alliance – Total membership base increased from eleven to sixteen members

Bridge Mobile Alliance, Asia Pacific’s largest mobile alliance group had announced the joining of five more global technology powerhouses as technology associate members to the alliance. They are Axalto, Gemplus, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and QUALCOMM. It was just two months ago that the alliance had announced the launch of its Associate Membership scheme where Ericsson, Motorola and ZTE were amongst the first three global technology companies who joined on 17 August 2005. The Associate Membership scheme had gained significant momentum in the mobile industry in attracting key players, bringing the alliance membership base from eleven to sixteen members.

The Associate Membership scheme aims to foster closer collaboration between member operators and technology players across the mobile service development value chain.The intent is to create an ecosystem that would accelerate the development of leading-edge mobile technologies that are unique and relevant to the Asian mobile markets.

Dr Patrick Sim, Chief Executive officer, Bridge Mobile, said, “We are very excited to have world renowned technology players such as Axalto, Gemplus, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and QUALCOMM coming on board the Bridge Mobile Alliance family. They are all market leaders in their respective domains, and would bring to the alliance a diversity of expertise and invaluable market knowledge. Our membership consists of the region’s leading mobile operators, as well as major global players with technology leadership across the mobile industry value chain, such as handsets, network and platform solutions, and SIM card technologies.”

Tan Teck Lee, President, Axalto Asia, said, “Axalto is very proud to join Bridge Mobile Alliance as a technology associate member. We share the alliance’s vision to enable personal, secure and convenient solutions to end-user customers across Asia. As the world’s number one provider of microprocessor cards and mobile communications cards, we look forward to working more closely with regional operators to develop solutions that offer a more seamless and integrated service offering across the region.”

Dr Martin McCourt, President Gemplus Asia, said, “As the world’s number one supplier of 3G USIM cards and a leader in secure platforms and services, Gemplus welcomes this opportunity to work in partnership with the members of the Bridge Mobile Alliance to deliver seamless services across borders and develop multi-media experiences tailored towards each subscriber’s needs in Asia Pacific.”

Hitoshi Nishizawa, Vice President & General Manager, Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific, said, ‘Bridge Mobile Alliance shares the same vision and commitment as HP to deliver quality mobile services to operators and their consumers. This partnership further reinforces our commitment towards creating consistent mobile services delivery standards across the world. The alliance’s Associate Membership scheme enhances HP’s efforts to bring operators and the community of independent software vendors (ISVs), developers and content providers together.’

John Stefanac, Vice-President, Networks, Asia Pacific, Nokia, said, “Being able to differentiate oneself and providing consumers with unique applications, superior products and services are key success factors in today’s competitive mobile world. To this end, as a true end-to-end mobility solutions provider, Nokia has a proven track record and the capabilities to help operators and service providers in the Bridge Mobile Alliance offer their customers a unique and richer user experience.”

Ted Matsumoto, Chairman, QUALCOMM South East Asia/Pacific and Japan, and Senior VP, and Chairman of Global Strategic Development Council, QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, said, “QUALCOMM is delighted to be a technology partner of the Bridge Mobile Alliance. QUALCOMM has consistently maintained an active role in developing next-generation mobile technologies that are customized for the Asia Pacific mobile markets and will contribute actively with the same strategic focus in this alliance.QUALCOMM is pleased to align with the many industry leaders that comprise Bridge Mobile Alliance to drive the development of advanced mobile technologies in Asia Pacific.”

With such stellar membership, the alliance is well positioned to harness the collaborative synergies across the whole spectrum of differentiating regional mobile service offerings, such as mobile gaming and music, mobile commerce and 3G services, and deliver a truly seamless experience to our combined base of over 70 million customers.