Bridge Alliance launches one-flat rate, daily unlimited data roaming plan across 11 territories

Bridge Alliance launches one-flat rate, daily unlimited data roaming plan across 11 territories

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Bridge Alliance, the leading mobile alliance in Asia Pacific announces the launch of its one-flat rate daily unlimited data roaming plan, Bridge DataRoamUnlimited, across 11 territories in the Asia Pacific.

Bridge DataRoamUnlimited is the answer to the rising user appetite for unlimited mobile data roaming in Asia Pacific. Unparalleled in the market, the plan offers unlimited data roaming at one-flat rate across all 11 Bridge Alliance member networks, giving customers a truly hassle free experience and peace-of-mind solution for their rapidly growing mobile data roaming needs. Depending on their length of stay in a selected country, customers can choose from three subscription plans to enjoy unlimited data roaming when they roam on the selected alliance member’s network. The three subscription plans are – US$10 for 1-Day, US$27 for 3-Days and US$40 for 5-Days.

For greater convenience, customers need not worry about paying different rates from different network operators as Bridge DataRoamUnlimited is offered consistently at the same one-flat rate by all of the 11 Bridge Alliance member operators, namely – Airtel (India), AIS (Thailand), CSL (Hong Kong), CTM (Macau), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel Mobile (Singapore), SingTel Optus (Australia), SK Telecom (Korea), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia).

Subscription is straightforward, customers can simply add on to their local service plan by signing up with their respective local Bridge Alliance member operator.

Bridge Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of data roaming subscription plans to meet customers’ demand for more cost effective data roaming solutions.

Bridge DataRoam is a one-flat rate data roaming product that gives customers significant savings of up to 90% in their data roaming charges. Tailored to meet customers’ different usage needs, Bridge DataRoam offers customers greater choices of daily unlimited plans or volume capped plans – Bridge DataRoam5 for 5MB, Bridge DataRoam15 for 15MB, Bridge DataRoam40 for 40MB, and the flexibility of daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions.

“With the strong uptake of smart phones and mobile applications, customers are now enjoying these services with a wide range of mobile broadband connectivity solutions at home. Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that will enable them to stay connected when they travel, so they can continue to enjoy these services, without the anxiety of high data roaming charges and the hassle of monitoring their data roaming usage. Bridge DataRoamUnlimited offers the ultimate peace-of-mind to customers with unlimited usage at a very attractive fixed price per day. Customers can now truly enjoy the freedom to roam without worries of a bill shock. The launch of Bridge DataRoamUnlimited is another testament of Bridge Alliance’s brand promise to deliver straightforward solutions to enhance customers’ travel experience when they roam on our members’ network. These solutions are enabled by close cooperation of the alliance members and we continue to leverage on the strengths of our partners,” says Ms Annie Gan, Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Mobile.

Bridge DataRoamUnlimited is available for subscription with immediate effect from the following member operators – AIS (Thailand), CSL (Hong Kong) and SingTel Mobile (Singapore). The other markets – Airtel (India), CTM (Macau), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel Optus (Australia), SK Telecom (Korea), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia) will be available in phases from December 2010. Customers can contact their respective local member operator to check on availability and subscribe for the Bridge DataRoam plans.