Bridge Alliance Embarks on “The Smiling Traveller” Brand Campaign to Showcase Benefits of Roaming with the Alliance Network

Bridge Alliance Embarks on “The Smiling Traveller” Brand Campaign to Showcase Benefits of Roaming with the Alliance Network

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“The Smiling Traveller” highlights Bridge Alliance’s wide geographical reach through the 11 Bridge Alliance member operators’ networks and the Alliance’s core purpose to provide innovative roaming products and services to their customers and travellers. The campaign also highlights how travellers can benefit, by using Bridge services and roaming with Bridge Alliance members’ networks, without the fear of bill shocks from using their mobile devices when overseas.

Together with TBWA, an international advertising agency, Bridge Alliance has created ‘The Smiling Traveller’ icon to personify commitment from Bridge Alliance and its member operators to deliver greater customer satisfaction and convenience with their roaming services offering. The icon, shaped as a tall-beacon-like character, represents a friendly travel companion which is flexible and adaptable across all cultures and users. The adaptable nature of the icon makes it an ideal unifying communications agent for the 11 Bridge Alliance member operators, enabling an impactful regional and local communication and branding effort.

“The Smiling Traveller” brand campaign communicates three key messages that are delivered through a series of channels such as digital media, above- and below-the-line communications. These will also include in-flight magazines and international airport billboard ads across the 11 Bridge Alliance member operators’ countries.

The first message aims to create an awareness of who Bridge Alliance is and its mission to make mobile roaming services accessible to travellers in this region. The second serves to remind consumers the convenience of roaming services with different user scenarios. Each scenario demonstrates the conveniences and benefits that Bridge Alliance’s products and services bring to the travellers. The third aims to reinforce the benefit of ‘no bill shock with Bridge Alliance’, whereby users can roam seamlessly and with peace of mind when they travel.

“We were looking to create a cohesive regional brand campaign for the Alliance and its members to communicate who Bridge Alliance is, and the clear value and benefits we bring to our customers. With “The Smiling Traveller” campaign, we are strengthening our brand proposition as a trusted travel companion that provides hassle-free, transparent and cost-effective roaming solutions,” said Jacinta Ong, Director of Brand and Communications, Bridge Alliance. “Through Bridge Alliance, travellers will be able to stay connected and productive wherever they may be, without worries of bill shock. Essentially, with Bridge Alliance, a happy traveller is made possible.”

AIS (Thailand), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel (Singapore), SK Telecom (South Korea) and Telkomsel (Indonesia) have launched “The Smiling Traveller” in their respective markets in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year. The campaign will be launched in the remaining markets – Airtel (India), CTM (Macau), CSL (Hong Kong), Maxis (Malaysia), SingTel Optus (Australia), SK Telecom (South Korea), and Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) – in phases from 2012 onwards.