Bridge Alliance welcomes Airtel Bangladesh

Bridge Alliance welcomes Airtel Bangladesh

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Bridge Alliance, the leading mobile alliance, today announced Airtel Bangladesh as its newest member. Airtel Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi subsidiary of telecommunications company Airtel India.

The addition of Airtel Bangladesh brings Bridge Alliance to a new total of 14 members with a combined customer base of over 500 million mobile subscribers.

Airtel Bangladesh officially began its operations in Bangladesh in December 2010 and currently has over 8 million mobile subscribers.

“Joining Bridge Alliance, just like Airtel India, is an important step for us,” said Chris Tobit, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Airtel Bangladesh Limited. “In doing so, we reaffirm our vision to provide attractive enterprise mobile solutions and seamless roaming services. We are now part of a strong alliance of leading operators which continuously learns and grows on the basis of joint knowledge sharing and centre of excellence programs.”

“We are very pleased to have Airtel Bangladesh onboard,” said Alessandro Adriani, Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Alliance. “We’ve had very positive engagement with Airtel India and we’re honoured that they have recommended us to their subsidiary. Being part of Bridge Alliance enables members to enhance their market position and gain competitive advantage through our solutions and propositions. We look forward to engaging Airtel Bangladesh and to helping them stay at the forefront of market and technology developments.”