SoftBank Mobile Joins Bridge Alliance

SoftBank Mobile Joins Bridge Alliance

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SoftBank Mobile Corp. (SoftBank Mobile) joins Bridge Alliance as the newest alliance member with the objective to leverage collaboration in regional enterprise mobility services and in the fast growing area of M2M.

The addition of SoftBank Mobile brings Bridge Alliance to a total of 32 operator members with a combined customer base of over 600 million mobile subscribers.

Hiroshi Akabori, Vice President of M2M at SoftBank Mobile and SoftBank Telecom said, “We are delighted to be part of Bridge Alliance, enabling us to further enhance our offerings for enterprise mobility and M2M outside of Japan for our multi-national corporate customers. With Bridge Alliance, our position in the enterprise mobility and M2M ecosystem is strengthened and we expect to increase take-up of enterprise mobility and M2M services in Japan and in the region.”

SoftBank Mobile is one of Japan’s leading mobile operators with a mobile subscription base of more than 35 million and is also one of the world’s leading providers for end-to-end M2M solutions. Bridge Alliance is the leading mobile alliance in Asia Pacific and Africa.

“SoftBank Mobile is a great addition to the alliance,” added Alessandro Adriani, CEO of Bridge Alliance. “We now have 32 members and an enhanced capability to offer comprehensive regional enterprise mobility services and M2M solutions. Leveraging local expertise from our members and by building a successful ecosystem with global and regional partners, SoftBank Mobile and all our members will be able to provide superior enterprise mobility and M2M services to their corporate customers across Asia Pacific and Africa.”

The enterprise mobility and M2M partnership covers commercial as well as technological cooperation across various industries such as vehicle telemetry, security, energy management, etc. This enables the development of new business models, creation of new products and services and reduction in customers’ operational costs.