Avea, the mobile unit of Türk Telekom Group, joins forces with Bridge Alliance

Avea, the mobile unit of Türk Telekom Group, joins forces with Bridge Alliance

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Avea, the mobile unit of Turkey’s largest integrated telecommunications company Türk Telekom Group, joins forces with Bridge Alliance, the biggest mobile alliance in the Asia Pacific with 36 leading mobile operators and a combined base of over 700 million customers. Avea will be the first mobile operator in Turkey to become the latest member of Bridge Alliance.

By joining Bridge Alliance, Avea will gain access to the alliance’s best practice and knowledge sharing, and establish cooperation with these Asia Pacific leading operators in roaming, regional enterprise mobility and multi-domestic machine-to-machine services. Avea will leverage this partnership to enable and provide advantageous retail roaming offers and high quality roaming experience to its customers travelling in the Asia Pacific. Likewise, customers of Bridge Alliance members will enjoy Turk Telekom’s mobile service coverage in Turkey through Avea mobile network.

In addition, Avea will gain global competitive advantage by leveraging Bridge Alliance’s engagement with large-scale multi-national corporate (MNC) customers seeking transnational regional mobility and seamless M2M connectivity services globally. Avea will also be able to tap into Bridge Alliance’s shared solutions and platforms that are catered to serve multinational companies.

On November 24, 2015, Tuesday, a signing ceremony was organized at Türk Telekom Group’s Maçka Premises. Türk Telekom Group Consumer Business Unit CEO Erkan Akdemir and Bridge Alliance CEO Ms. Eileen Tan attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Türk Telekom Group Consumer Business Unit CEO Erkan Akdemir said, “Today we are here in order to initiate Türk Telekom Group mobile unit, Avea’s strategic partnership with Bridge Alliance – the biggest mobile alliance in the Asia Pacific. Bridge Alliance is a successful organization that brings together 36 mobile operators serving more than 700 million customers. Avea, the mobile unit of the largest integrated telecommunications company of Turkey, Turk Telekom Group, being a part of such an enormous alliance will generate great value for our customers and customers of other Bridge Alliance member operators.”

Akdemir said that the cooperation will remove walls to communication between the two regions. “I want to express again that we are very elated to facilitate friendly and affordable communication for more than 700 million customers across all Bridge Alliance footprint. I hope this cooperation will benefit all of our stakeholders.” he said.

“Turkey is a very popular tourist destination for many of our alliance members. The trend of increasing trade and investment relations between Turkey and Asian countries will further the growth of roaming and enterprise mobility needs between these countries. Through partnership with Avea, our alliance members and their customers can enjoy an enhanced data roaming experience in Turkey.” added Eileen Tan, CEO of Bridge Alliance.