Bridge Alliance and FreeMove extend partnership to offer integrated Enterprise Mobility across 106 markets

Bridge Alliance and FreeMove extend partnership to offer integrated Enterprise Mobility across 106 markets

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Bridge Alliance and FreeMove have extended their successful partnership to enable multinational corporations (MNCs) to take advantage of integrated Enterprise Mobility for their operations across Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Initiated over ten years ago, this partnership caters to the increasing demand from MNCs to remove complexity in procuring and managing mobility solutions for their employees based in offices around the world.

With a focus on providing simplicity to enterprise customers, Bridge Alliance and FreeMove offer joint enterprise services and an aligned contractual structure through technical and operational integration between the two alliances. MNCs can now enjoy these services, one of which is Central Report, a one-stop solution which monitors mobile spend and usage patterns of their employees more efficiently. Service Management has also been harmonised to provide global support.

Stephan Fauser, General Manager, FreeMove said, “By bringing the capabilities of two world-leading mobile alliances together, we are able to offer MNCs a unique proposition that gives them even greater control over their costs and businesses.”

FreeMove comprises 4 members and 8 partners in Europe, Americas and Africa. Bridge Alliance covers 35 markets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and has been named as leader in enterprise mobility in Asia Pacific for 2016 by Analysys Mason. Together, the partnership serves 106 markets and more than 1.2 billion subscribers across the world.

“We are very pleased to extend our successful partnership with FreeMove to better serve our global enterprise customers. We continue to strengthen our offers and support to our customers through the integration and optimisation of mobile communication services on a single platform that enables global solutions for MNCs’ offices worldwide,” affirmed Eileen Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Alliance.

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