Bridging Stories Ep 1: 5 Mins with Lee Siew Yian, Co-Founder of The Good Exchange

Bridging Stories Ep 1: 5 Mins with Lee Siew Yian, Co-Founder of The Good Exchange

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Bridging Stories is a sharing series by Bridge Alliance. As advocates for shared learning in discovering new ideas, we are always on the look out to learn from others, even those outside of our industry.

This inaugural episode features Siew Yian, a former Singtel employee who found her calling in humanitarian work, leading her to set up The Good Exchange (, an organisation that connects people who share the same mission, to serve humanity, to help people. Their projects currently span across Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal and Singapore.

We brought Siew Yian in to share her story as a guest speaker with the Bridge Alliance team. We appreciate the way she went about doing her work, with lots of parallels to the design thinking methodology that the team has just learnt about.

In this interview, Siew Yian shares her thoughts about connecting people, user empathy, needs-matching and mobilising people in a community. She answers the following questions:

  • Let’s talk about connecting people. You’re a really big fan of it – why so? And how did you discover its value?
  • We often hear of the term “user empathy” and this is also very relevant in your line of work. Why this is so important?
  • Why it is important to be specific about what a person really needs? Could you share with us about a time where things didn’t really go as planned?
  • On mobilising people: how do you get people moving; to activate them and to motivate them to be a part of your projects?

Watch the first episode in the video below.