The Future Telco in the Eyes of Industry Experts

The Future Telco in the Eyes of Industry Experts

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What do you envision the future telco to be like? From the perspective of customer intimacy to being an enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT) and being data-led companies, even inching into the digital marketing space, it is interesting to hear out how key executives see telcos shaping up in the future. 

Bridge Alliance speaks to the attendees at the 3rd Annual Bridge Alliance CXO Forum. This video interview features Thomas Jakob of Bosch Software Innovations, Hermi Hizon of Globe Telecom, Tim Cowan of Optus and Daichi Nozaki of SoftBank Group.

Thomas Jakob (Bosch Software Innovations): The future telco, now that’s a very interesting question. Obviously we don’t have a crystal ball. But if I could take a guess, the future telco will be a lot more involved. Rather than providing connectivity only, I foresee that they will play a significant role in the IoT ecosystem. Ultimately, facilitating customers moving into the IoT, bringing together all the components which are required. It is a complex job and telcos are very well positioned to do that – customer intimacy is something you have.

Hermi Hizon (Globe Telecom): The future telco will be a very different one. It’s no longer the telco that we know, it’s no longer the telco services that we know. Everything is all about making the lives better for our people.

Tim Cowan (Optus): Well, I think we’re at a really, really interesting point for telcos and the telcos of the future really have to be data companies led by data of their own customers, partner to actually get scale and then digitise to remove cost and engage their customers a whole lot better. So that’s kind of how I see telcos shaping up in the future.

Daichi Nozaki (SoftBank): I believe that the telco is obviously going to play a very important role for IoT or in digital marketing. But the legacy business model is probably very limiting on our capability. So although our core asset’s still in connectivity, or telecom related services, we need to make a constant effort to expand the capability and that can be through acquisition, M&A, partnership or collaboration with the other operators.