What Opportunities Do the Future of Work & Life Present?

What Opportunities Do the Future of Work & Life Present?

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Governments, businesses, technology providers and aspiring entrepreneurs are in a quest to re-imagine how we work and live. While these visions typically resound on the notes of smart cities and how technology will shape our experiences, there are so many possibilities with a variance of perspective. Bridge Alliance speaks to key executives in our network and guests at the 3rd Annual Bridge Alliance CXO Forum to find out their thoughts about the future of work and life. 

This video interview features Daichi Nozaki of SoftBank Group, Thomas Jakob of Bosch Software Innovations, Hermi Hizon of Globe Telecom and Alexis Lanternier of Lazada Singapore.

Daichi Nozaki (SoftBank): Now, we’ve new technology available – for the Internet of Things (IoT) and also communication tools. So more and more, if you want to collaborate with other people, the industry, you may not be able to work like today. In other words, you may need to have more interaction with outside the office. This means that you might not stay in the office. Instead, you may need to work with remote people in remote areas through a tool and maybe more work-sharing type of offices. Open, innovation-type of environments, may be common going forward, instead of staying in one office every day.

Thomas Jakob (Bosch Software Innovations): That’s a very interesting question because Bosch is at the moment working on something which we call the “inspiring working conditions”.  So we are basically revamping all of our offices around the world – make them a lot more interesting, a lot more lively, and connected, ultimately; connecting basically all the assets and everybody together in the offices, to make sure everybody knows where everybody is, what is going on at any point in time, and can interact with the office. That is how we envision the future of work.

Hermi Hizon (Globe Telecom): Given all this disruption, the digital space and IoT, I think we are on to a better life, especially for our people.

Alexis Lanternier (Lazada Singapore): I would love to know the future, I can only guess. From what I see right now, is the inter-connectivity of people. More and more people connected on platform, switching from one platform to the other, with the key thing to create social links across the Internet. And eCommerce is very much affected by that, with the willingness to, more and more, buy product that has been recommended by people they were following, people they were liking, stars and so on and so forth.