What makes a good partnership?

What makes a good partnership?

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Partnerships are a common strategy in the telecommunications industry and are essential to making things happen. What are some things to consider before working together as partners? Bridge Alliance speaks to our strategic partner, Lazaro of FreeMove, as he shares his experience in making partnerships work.

This interview was filmed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2019.

Lazaro Fernandez (FreeMove): So you are asking me what are we looking for in a partner. Well, I would say that in a partner, we are looking for a way to satisfy customer needs.

We don’t do partnerships just for the fact of having more business. This is not our role. Our role is really to solve the need from a customer through really, a business relation.

And in this goal of changing our work, working together, and looking for the best quality, the key elements for us, of course is quality, trust, transparency, honesty, even we could say friendship in some extent. This is the way that companies become friends to some extent. So that’s a partnership for me. It’s somewhere where we can create a common understanding that maximises the customer satisfaction.