What is the Coordination Age?

What is the Coordination Age?

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As technology continues to take over our lives, the demand for efficiency surges. As a result, the global digital economy is now entering “The Coordination Age”.  Unlike the previous “Communications Age” and “Information Age” which relied on the physical delivery of information, this new era will focus on using new technologies including AI, IoT, and 5G.

Not only will these new technologies effectively predict what is needed, but this will also reduce waste and improve access to information and services.

What does this new age mean for telcos? What do they need to look out for?

Bridge Alliance spoke to attendees at the 4th Annual Bridge Alliance CXO Forum about this topic. This video interview features David Pigot of Bridge Alliance, Bill Hurley of Syniverse, Robert LoCascio of LivePerson and Ananth Siva of Movius. 

David Pigot, Director, Enterprise and IoT for Bridge Alliance
As the Bridge ecosystem, which you heard about earlier, contains the three key elements in order to do that you have technology partners, you have customers, you have demands, and then you have the operators themselves. So, moving forward, nobody is going to be able to do things by themselves. So, this coordination age is going to be the way that we do business in the future. And actually, Bridge’s role for 15 years has been one of exactly that – coordination, bringing together parties and bringing together people with like-minded objectives to try and produce solutions for customers and get to market faster for our operators. 

Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer of Syniverse
It’s a fascinating concept, the Coordination Age. Syniverse thinks about the world in terms of networks. It helps the operator understand where the business opportunities are when you start thinking about it in context of a network. It’s a platform, it’s got an ecosystem.

Robert LoCascio, Founder and CEO of LivePerson
Mobile and mobile devices is the way in which we are connecting tol brands. It’s a way in which we’re connecting to obviously content. And so [telcos] sit, you know, in the middle of all that, you sit the closest to the consumer, I really see a transformation happening with the world of conversational commerce. And this is where I think you can drive it and really shape the new digital age. It doesn’t have to be the Googles and the Facebooks alone. I think there’s an opportunity for you guys to really take hold of this and really create offerings around conversational commerce. And that’s why I think you play a greater role than what you’ve played in the past. You’re just not a way to get to the consumer before digital company like a Google or Facebook. Now, I think you can be in the game or creating real value with them and making some offerings around conversational commerce.

Ananth Siva, Chief Customer Officer at Movius
The Coordination Age, I think, is probably the next big inflection point for carriers to either, as we heard from one carrier, Globe, rightly say, they see themselves as a platform player as against just a telco. No matter what security is, is paramount. Because today, no matter what we do, you’ve seen the how the security industry has seen a 10X growth year on year purely because of the fact that you can’t just put things out there.