Bridge Alliance partners with Blacknut to accelerate cloud gaming growth in Asia-Pacific

Bridge Alliance partners with Blacknut to accelerate cloud gaming growth in Asia-Pacific

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The collaboration will spur the onboarding of top game publishers on Blacknut’s gaming platform and drive cloud gaming adoption among consumers


Bridge Alliance, the leading alliance of premier mobile operators and cloud gaming service Blacknut have inked a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership to accelerate the growth and adoption of cloud gaming across Asia Pacific, in a collaboration that will bring exciting new opportunities to the ecosystem of game publishers, mobile operators and consumers.

Game publishers can gain new growth channels and scale through Bridge Alliance’s large regional footprint of tier-1 mobile operators, while participating Bridge member operators (BMOs) will benefit from collective triple-A games sourcing deals that will enrich the library of games available to their customers. BMO customers are the real winners as these end users will enjoy a whole new range of premium gaming content seamlessly across their compatible devices, on demand and without the need for expensive hardware.

Blacknut will open up its Content Club, a worldwide marketplace for content acquisition of video games for distribution by BMOs keen to offer these games to their subscribers. Blacknut’s catalogue of more than 600 premium games will be further strengthened through collective efforts with Bridge Alliance and BMOs to source, onboard and jointly promote game titles from leading publishers in local markets.

“Bridge Alliance’s member operators collectively serve over a billion customers and offer a unique opportunity for game publishers to gain new distribution channels and create innovative gaming experiences designed around cloud gaming, amplified by our group scale and multi-market capabilities. We’re delighted to partner with Blacknut and provide access to not only new game titles, but also a smooth and consistent gaming experience to consumers in the region. They can now enjoy cloud gaming at any time, anywhere, enhanced by the blazing speeds of 5G networks in many markets where we operate. We welcome more collaborations with gaming industry partners and game publishers,” said Dr Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance.

“The partnership with Bridge Alliance not only creates a fantastic opportunity to promote cloud gaming through Blacknut’s platform in participating BMO markets, it also creates the groundwork for the gaming industry and the carriers to closely work together and benefit from the development of this new market,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut.

Cloud gaming is already a rapidly developing market which is estimated by latest Newzoo forecasts to grow to US$8.2 billion in revenues and reach a market of 465 million people by 2025[1]. The collaboration between Bridge Alliance and Blacknut, together with the rise of 5G deployments and gaming in APAC, will pave the way for BMOs to continue to expand their catalogue of new and exciting services.