Report: Top 10 IoT Solution Providers – 2019

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29 May 2019

Top 10 IoT Solution Providers – 2019

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Reproduced with the permission of APAC CIO Outlook.

The advent of IoT has drastically impacted our world in the recent years. Amalgamation of IoT in existing traditional processes of organizations has significantly driven thought leaders towards
better decisions. The coming days will witness a rise in popularity of 5G networks world over and industry veterans are already geared up to exploit the benefits of 5G-driven IoT. Many trends will undoubtedly influence IoT in 2019 and these include the impact of trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from adoption of intelligent sensors that drive better decisions, organizations are also turning their attention towards IoT governance. Ethical utilization of IoT will be one of the top priorities of many enterprises worldwide. Organizations also intend to rope in the expertise of IoT consultants to ensure ethical use of the technology and adhere to benchmarks. However, like most trending technologies of today, IoT too is accompanied by its own share of herculean challenges, which enterprises are trying hard to mitigate. For instance, a large number of organizations aren’t equipped to manage the overwhelming data deluge permeating into its repositories as a result of sensor adoption.

Most importantly, many enterprises want to capitalize on the benefits these myriad IoT trends have to offer and are in pursuit of technology solution providers. This common need prompted our editorial board to conduct a comprehensive study of promising IoT solution providers across the globe today. This edition of our magazine, a result of their efforts, is a compilation of Top 10 IoT solution providers across the globe.

Read the report on Bridge Alliance, one of APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 10 IoT Solution Providers – 2019:

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